Lil’s Yoga and Pilates class has become an integral part of my overall health regimen. I have found a great deal of relief from chronic back pain as I gained flexibility from the yoga and strength and support from the Pilates. At the same time, the discipline of the yoga has helped me relax and focus my energies to deal with the stresses in my life.

-Rusty E.

When I started Lil’s yoga class, my mind and body were broken. I was overweight and coming out of a bad relationship. I needed to do something for myself. I wanted to get back to my usual weight and I was hoping it would also help me to think, to work on mind and spirit, to believe I could be of value again. It was hard at first. Each week I found the power to practice, my mind became clearer. I became addicted, Iost 50 pounds, and love showing my family I am really feeling better. I am 62, I feel wonderful, and people tell me I look younger. I will never stop taking Lil’s class. It has been a wonderful, wonderful experience for me.

-Judy M

Yoga and Pilates has become an integral part of my exercise routine since I began the class with Lil. I feel strengthened and more flexible, but best of all, the class promotes a sense of peace and relaxation. Lil has done a wonderful job of encouraging and challenging our class as we have progressed. I can't imagine not having her class as part of my life!

-Leslie C.

I was suffering from a bad back and two bulging discs in my lower back and I needed to find exercise that would help me. I met with Lil for a private session and knew I had found the right teacher. She knows my weaknesses and modifies exercises for my benefit. She makes sure that the movements are being done with care. The classes are small which gives us all the opportunity to have the extra attention we need. Lil guides us to work at our own pace. Yoga and Pilates just make you feel so good about yourself and your body. I feel myself getting stronger and leaner muscles without the bulk. Meeting Lil was a godsend. She is caring, thoughtful and knows her yoga and Pilates. I look forward to the class and also to doing the exercises at home because I know that I will feel good after I am done. If you are looking for exercise that will benefit your whole being give yoga and Lil a chance. She is fantastic!!!!!! Her massages are also fantastic.

-Carol D.

I have been a student of Lil's for over a year. I had experienced low back pain for over twelve years and tried other approaches without success. I am very active and enjoy walking and gardening so being sedentary was not an option. Since my regular yoga practice and therapeutic massages with Lil, I feel remarkably better. I have increased my flexibility and strength and am now able to do garden work for hours at a time without stiffness. Furthermore, Lil has shown a personal interest in my general well-being which has made the experience even more meaningful.

-Judy H.

I take yoga and Pilates from Lil Lack. The personalized attention she gives to her students is quite unique.  Lil is able to custom fit moves and stretches to meet individual needs. Through her classes, I have been able to build and maintain strength in my upper body which had given me problems in the past.  Being a former athlete, I have found yoga and Pilates to be a complete body-strengthening workout. Lil's positive energy, spirit, and knowledge of yoga and Pilates have helped keep my mind and body strong.

-Katrina A.



Yoga Therapy


I have been taking private yoga therapy sessions with Lil for exercises for balance, flexibility, and strength. I am 57 years old and have severe osteoporosis. Lil immediately showed sincere interest in helping me with my condition, and she designed a personalized program to address my physical concerns. I faithfully do the exercises every day, and I have noticed a tremendous difference in the way I feel. I am stronger, and my balance and posture have improved. I thoroughly enjoy my biweekly sessions with Lil. My time with her is very relaxing; the daily stress just seems to melt away. I thank Lil for her knowledge, her encouragement, and her kind spirit. I plan to continue yoga for many years to come.

-Carol N.

I enjoyed private yoga therapy, weekly yoga, and monthly massage therapy with Lil for six years, then I broke my ankle and was diagnosed with breast cancer so I had a lot of surgery and medical treatment. My doctors are very pleased with my rapid recovery to health and return to good flexibility and range of motion; I am confident that yoga and massage are the major contributing factors.

-Kristi E.




I was suffering from a stiff neck and shoulder and taking pain medication and muscle relaxers prescribed by my doctor. My doctor told me I needed massage. I started going to Lil for massage and started to feel great relief. I no longer take any medication as long as I have my neck and shoulder area massaged every three weeks. It is relaxing, therapeutic, and much better for me than medication. I highly recommend Lil Lack!

-Carolyn G.

I study yoga and Pilates with Lil Lack, and her individualized instruction has resulted in real benefits of strength, flexibility and overall well-being. In addition, Lil’s massage therapy has dramatically relieved a chronically tight upper back and neck. A visit to Lil’s studio helps me feel better and best of all...I slow down so that I am present to the joys of life.

-Catherine B.

Years ago a horse fell on me fracturing vertebra and damaging the muscles in my lower back. Pain and discomfort from the muscle damage has plagued me ever since. With Lil's massage therapy and a daily stretching program designed by Lil for me, we have been able to get my muscles in my lower back to stretch and relax. Wow! Unbelievable results. The pain is drastically reduced and now I get up in the morning, do my exercises and look forward to a much more comfortable day.

-Neil C.

Years ago I was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my neck that caused severe headaches and pain in my right shoulder. I did physical therapy for months, but once that ended, the pain returned. Lil has managed through massage and a stretching regime to eliminate the headaches and pain in my neck and shoulders. Lil gave me back my life and my energy level has increased dramatically. My muscles are more relaxed and elongated, allowing me to enjoy my active life and quickly recover from minor injuries. She is constantly trying new techniques to make my health and body better. I owe Lil a great deal for giving me a pain-free life again.

-Dawn Y.

Whether I have targeted muscle therapy, stress relief or simply relaxation, Lil sets the standard for massage therapy. She consistently demonstrates a complete understanding of the body's muscular structure and a mastery of massage technique. Through her knowledge of yoga, Pilates and massage therapy, Lil offers practical solutions to help relieve muscle soreness brought on by injury or stress.

-Bill F.


Gong Bath, Relaxation and Meditation


I was totally amazed by the Gong bath, it helped my knee and it helped my anxiety issues, it was much more than I had anticipated. I sincerely hope to participate in more Gong Baths, I feel that it can only get better each time I attend. I am definitely interested in doing them on a regular basis. I will make time to attend whatever you decide to do them. Thank you so much for the experience.               

  -Betty C.

 I absolutely loved the gong bath experience! It is hard to describe how I felt for a good 24 hours afterward, but I experienced a sense of ease and non-resistance that is not my normal state of mind! So, I would love to do regular gong baths. Thanks so much for introducing this form of meditation and mind-body integration to me.                 

-Gail B.


Massage, Gong, and Singing Bowl Therapy


With the addition of the gong and the singing bowl at the end of a massage I feel a total deep relaxation and a soothing, harmonious energy. Sounds are vibrations that cause resonances in our bodies, and it may be that hearing is the last sense to leave the body. I have already experienced how therapeutic yoga is: I could not kneel on my one knee when I first began taking yoga with Lil five years ago. So continuing to explore alternate therapies makes sense to both my rheumatologist and to me. 

-Jean C.

I was hesitant to try a Massage, Gong, and Singing Bowl session because I have had regular therapeutic massages with Lil for years that have been perfect: a significant help in keeping me healthy. But, since I enjoyed the group gong baths I decided to give it a try. I found it very satisfying. Instead of sensing the quiet end of a massage, I felt a sense of physical unification and calm energy to go forward and greet the rest of my day. I think the experience was so successful because Lil carefully customized what she did in each segment of the total session to address my particular needs.

-Kristi E.