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Yoga Nidra Session with Hinda Smith

Are you feeling stressed? 

Do you have trouble sleeping? 

Would you like to feel renewed and recharged?

Then, Yoga Nidra may be for you! 

This ancient form of meditation combines gentle movements, breathing exercises,  guided imagery and other  practices that provide  an effortless way for you to reach a higher meditative state and achieve deep relaxation.  

Yoga Nidra can reduce stress in your life and maintain balance to the body, mind and spirit.  Practiced consistently, this practice allows you to release stress habits, traumas and reactive patterns so that you can cultivate your higher inner knowledge and heal.  Some of the researched benefits of Yoga Nidra include prevention and reversal of stress related illness, aids insomnia, lowers blood press, and reduces chronic pain. 

Yoga Nidra can be practiced by anyone.

You will be able to use what you learn in this session and to continue some of the practices at home.

The more you practice, the more you can make it your own and use it in your daily life.

No previous experience in yoga or in meditation is necessary.  Feel free to invite your friends!

Most people report feeling energized after the practice, which has the physiologic effect of 2-8 hours of restful sleep.  Yoga Nidra offers deep physical, emotional, mental, physiologic and metabolic rest - the perfect antidote for the way we live today!

Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down, but can be modified for sitting in a chair or against the wall.

Pay $20 in advance to reserve your place
•  Click here to pay online
 •  Or, pay in class, or mail a check to
        Lil Lack
        Suite 1
        2057 Pulaski Highway                                                             
        North East, MD 21901

Arrive: 15 minutes early to set up (late arrivals cannot be admitted)

Wear: comfortable clothes, socks

Bring: a pillow, yoga mat, blanket, socks

*You may also want to bring an eye pillow, if you have one.