The instructors at Lil Lack Yoga support the health and well-being of their clients through small group yoga classes and private instruction in yoga with therapeutic benefits. Careful assessment and compassionate listening help us target your individual needs and goals.

Our goal is to work together with you to achieve a healthy, balanced life.




The instructors teach Hatha yoga classes that enhance vitality and a sense of well-being. In these classes, clients work to develop a practice that tones their muscles—increasing flexibility, strength, balance, and vitality. Each session begins with slow warming poses and ends with soothing relaxation poses.  This allows the body to appreciate the experience, and the mind to be calmed and refreshed.


Private classes in yoga with therapeutic benefits are also available for clients best served by an individualized program to meet their specific needs. Some clients prefer to start with private sessions and then choose to join a group class.


Classes in gentle chair yoga are offered for clients who are uncomfortable with floor poses. All poses occur either while seated on a chair, or while standing and using a chair for support, balance, and stability.

Clients learn to pay attention to their breath and to move with their breath. Like other forms of yoga, this attention to the breath strengthens the mind and body connection.  

Lil Lack Yoga classes has become an integral part of my overall health regimen. I have found a great deal of relief from chronic pain as I gained flexibility and strength from yoga. At the same time, the discipline of the yoga has helped me relax and focus my energies to deal with the stress in my life.
— Rusty E.

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Lil uses a combination of massage techniques to address individual client’s goals: therapeutic intent, restorative intent, or simply relieving life’s tensions. She will discuss your personal concerns and help design the best massage for you.  

Massage when part of an overall healthy lifestyle can bring relief from pain and stress, help correct muscle and joint problems, and help maintain an overall sense of well-being.

I was suffering from a stiff neck and shoulder and taking pain medication and muscle relaxers prescribed by my doctor. My doctor told me I needed massage. I started going to Lil for massage and started to feel great relief. I no longer take any medication as long as I have my neck and shoulder area massaged every three weeks. It is relaxing, therapeutic, and much better for me than medication. I highly recommend Lil Lack!
— Carolyn G.



Relaxation and Meditation with Tibetan Sing Bowls and Gongs


Lil leads individual and small group sessions in Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls Relaxation and Meditation. This experience bathes clients in sustained and soothing sounds, leading naturally to a relaxed meditative state that calms the mind’s chatter.

Regularly attending Gong and Singing Bowl Meditation can have the same effect as regular meditation practice. Theta brainwaves, activated through the harmonic sounds of the gong and singing bowls, can promote healing in both the conscious and unconscious mind.    

Each session includes:

  • Gentle yoga stretches to shed restless activity.

  • Settling into a place of stillness to prepare for meditation, by lying down or sitting with pillows, blankets and bolsters.

  • A guided meditation before the playing of the gong begins.

  • Immersion in the healing sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls and gong, bathing the listener in sustained waves of sound.

I absolutely loved this experience! It is hard to describe how I felt for a good 24 hours afterward, but I experienced a sense of ease and non-resistance that is not my normal state of mind! So, I will love to do regular gong meditations. Thanks so much for introducing this form of meditation and mind-body integration to me.
— Gail B.