Gong Bath Relaxation & Meditation


Lil offers Gong Bath Relaxation and Meditation sessions for small groups. Gong baths bring about a soothing, relaxed, and meditative state naturally with ease.

Each session includes:

  • a few yoga stretches of gentle movement to shed restlessness and activity
  • before settling into a place of stillness in preparation for meditation;
  • a guided meditation that leads into the playing of the gong;
  • immersion in the healing sound of the gong, bathing the listener with sustained waves of primordial sound;
  • afterwards, something to drink and a short feedback discussion so people can share their experience if they care to.

Each gong session is a different experience for everybody. Listening to the gong causes the usual mind chatter to cease. Attending Gong Baths regularly can have the same effect as a regular meditation practice. It can help one come into a deeper state where relaxation and healing to body and mind occur. All our memories and past emotions and experiences are held in the subconscious. Activating theta brainwaves with a Gong Bath can bring them into the conscious mind enabling healing.


Lil also offers Massage, Gong, and Singing Bowl Therapy

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