Beginners’ Yoga introduces students to the wonderful physical and mental benefits of yoga with the practice of carefully sequenced foundation instruction in posture practice, breath work (pranayama), and meditation. Emphasis is placed on assessing individual needs and appropriate adjustments for each participant. Students from this class can move on to Level 1 class. 


Gentle Yoga integrates yoga postures, breathing, and meditation for students who wish to move at a gentle pace. No previous yoga experience is required. Gentle Yoga provides a beautiful way to softly waken the body and stretch one’s self out to bring out the best response in each individual. Gentle Yoga starts with an analysis of each participant’s present condition, appropriate goals, and the best means to achieve those goals.


 Restorative Yoga focuses on warm ups, stretches, and restorative poses utilizing sound, movement, and breathing (pranayama) to help quiet the mind. This class is ideal for individuals with range of motion or mobility limitations and those looking for a gentle pace in their yoga practice. This class is also appropriate for the student looking for greater relaxation and stress reduction. 


 Chair Yoga is a great class for anyone who is uncomfortable with getting down on the floor.  All poses are done seated on a chair or standing using the chair for support and as an aid to balance and stability. This is a gentle class. We will pay attention to moving with the breath to bring awareness to the mind, body connection.


Qi Gong is a practice of self-care for preserving and restoring health. This ancient Chinese form of exercise links gentle movements, breathing exercises and meditation to cultivate, channel and balance vital energy to keep you healthy. Each class will begin with an easy warm up, followed by gentle movements and easy to follow routines which strengthen the body, reduce stress, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and improve balance. The class will close with a standing meditation. This class is a wonderful alternative to regular exercise and a gentle way to stay active.


 Level 1 Yoga is ideal for those newer to yoga, focusing on careful body alignment and developing breathing (pranayama) techniques. Participants develop greater body awareness and an enhanced sense of well being while reducing stress and tension. Specific instruction in basic yoga poses is taught along with ways to modify and vary poses to best suit individual needs.


 Level 2 Yoga is moderately paced. Emphasis is on flowing sequences and using the breath (pranayama) to increase body, mind, and spirit connection. Instruction, adjustments, and refinements are woven through each class to increase understanding of the postures.


 Level 3 Yoga is for those wishing to broaden their yoga practice with a more in-depth exploration of classic Hatha yoga. More advanced postures along with additional breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation concepts are taught. The fundamentals of Vinyasa yoga, a linking of the postures with the breath, are explored. While accessibility for various abilities continues to be emphasized, participants should have a solid understanding of basic yoga postures. 


Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a breath-synchronized movement yoga practice based on the performance of a series of postures called Sun Salutations. A Vinyasa class will typically start with a number of Sun Salutations to warm up the body for more intense stretching. The Vinyasa sequence varies from class to class. A typical Vinyasa practice includes standing postures, balancing series, back bends, seated postures, inversions, final relaxation and meditation. The class is not suitable for beginners.


Mat Pilates is a simple progression of movements taught in a systematic manner to stabilize, strengthen, and stretch your core muscles and increase overall strength and wellness.