Lil Lack Yoga is a welcoming and community-minded center offering Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation classes and workshops.

New beginners to experienced practitioners will find exceptional and compassionate teachers who share their knowledge skillfully. Located off rt.40 in North East, MD.

All are welcome!

New to Yoga?


thinking about trying yoga?
Why wait?

You can attend one class at the reduced fee of $10, and then, if you would like to enroll in that class, you may do so on a pro-rated basis. If you miss a class, you can arrange to attend a make-up in any other class meeting that session. 


Where To Start

Step 1: Find a class you’re interested in. A great place to start is a Gentle or a Level 1 Yoga Class. Here you will learn the fundamentals of yoga.

Step 2: Contact Lil to find the class that’s the best fit for you.

Step 3: Fill out the Student Intake Form and bring it to your first class. 


Upcoming Special Events


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Check out our unique selection of workshops and special events, including our extremely popular Gong and Singing Bowl Meditation.


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Want more info?

Contact Lil for additional information and an individual consultation at no charge.