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A Special Restorative Yoga Class at Lil Lack Yoga

The season of joy and chaos is upon us!
I hope you will come to your mat to move your body and breathe deeply, taking important time for yourself in a season when you are giving so much to others.

Restorative Yoga Sessions before the Holidays with Lil Lack

Restorative Yoga is a way of practicing postures that support the body to create deep relaxation and rejuvenation. By using blankets, bolsters, and other yoga props, the body is positioned in ways that support and sometimes gently stretch tight muscles. We also practice supported positions that move the spine gently in various directions and apply breathing techniques that quiet the mind and nervous system.

Aroma therapy oils will be available for those who would like to use them. Enjoy the serenity of the singing bowls as you relax into the poses.

There will be a special surprise in the end of the session.

Restorative Yoga is suitable for advanced yoga students as well as individuals with no prior yoga experience. You may invite family and friends as long as they are able to move up and down from the floor with ease. 

Pre-Registration Required
Cost: $20.00
Class size will be limited to 14 students.
Click here to pay online. 
Arrive: 15 minutes early to set up (late arrivals cannot be admitted)